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Personnaliser le fond d'écran de votre ordinateur à votre guise

What is used it?

Nouveauté 2013 : En manque d'inspiration pour vos fonds d'écran? Ou vous souhaitez partager vos fonds d'écran préférés? N'hésitez plus, allez sur Share my wallpaper
Welcome to the official website's software Starter Background Changer You usually put as wallpaper poster of your favorite movie, your favorite animal, your vacation or your family or your children?
StarterBackgroundChanger is for you! This software lets you change your wallpaper on your PC and toggle multiple images.
Then install and fun to cheer on your own computer.
This software is very useful for users of Windows 7 Starter (and +) that enables you to change the wallpaper malgrès limitation of Microsoft.

Last updated , Version 0.9 Beta (2.4MB).

Have you just bought or has one just offered a netbook to you?

Does this netbook have Windows 7 Starter edition?

Do you seek still how to change your walpaper?

It is normal, since the Starter edition of Windows 7 does not make it possible to change the walpaper, nor the color of the taskbar. Will idiot say to me?  it is Windows! Indeed in an official way, you will have to spend 80$ to pass on the higher edition in order to modify your walpaper.

Windows 7 Ultimate edition                                              Windows 7 Starter edition

Choose rather my freeware (only one publicity contains), which will enable you to modify the walpaper of your Windows 7 Starter edition without paying supplement. This software is intuitive and easy to use.

Without StarterBackgroundChanger                     With StarterBackgroundChanger

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