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Personnaliser le fond d'écran de votre ordinateur à votre guise

how to use it?

Nouveauté 2013 : En manque d'inspiration pour vos fonds d'écran? Ou vous souhaitez partager vos fonds d'écran préférés? N'hésitez plus, allez sur Share my wallpaper
Welcome to the official website's software Starter Background Changer You usually put as wallpaper poster of your favorite movie, your favorite animal, your vacation or your family or your children?
StarterBackgroundChanger is for you! This software lets you change your wallpaper on your PC and toggle multiple images.
Then install and fun to cheer on your own computer.
This software is very useful for users of Windows 7 Starter (and +) that enables you to change the wallpaper malgrès limitation of Microsoft.

Last updated , Version 0.9 Beta (2.4MB).

Once the installation carried out, you have two possibilities to use it. These possibilities are installation to simplify its use and to approach to the maximum of the use under a higher edition of Windows 7.

Right click of the desktop

When you use the right click on the desk the line “Personnalize” was added on your contextual menu.

Right click of an image

At the time of a right click on a compatible image (BMP and JPG), a new line “Choose like walpaper” was added to your contextual menu.

The new interface

Let us leave the principle which we have just used the first method, the right click of the office.

Here the new interface (version 0.6). From this interface, you have access thanks to short cuts, to four functionality of Windows 7 starter:

Background of the Office

From this button, you have access to an interface to modify your walpaper.

This interface was conceived so as to resemble that of the higher version in order to not disturb the users of the higher version

In the list “Site of the picture” you have access is with your “Collection”, which corresponds to all the walpaper which one put at least once as a walpaper (or simply added to your collection via the button “To traverse…”), that is to say with “My pictures” which corresponds to the file user of the same name.

In your collection of pictures, you can remove a picture. For click on the picture to remove, to press on the button “del” of your keyboard.

Finally, to finish the list, “Position of the picture” enables you to define the way in which you wish to post your picture on your desktop.
To add a picture in your collection, to press on the button “To traverse…”. A window will open to enable you to sail in your computer:

You can choose among two formats of picture: JPG and BMP. Once your picture chosen, click on “Opening”. You must then be redirected on the interface of modification of the walpaper:

To check that the check box correspondent with your picture is well notched, then click on “Recording the modifications”.

Here the result once parameters set up. In order to check that the program functions well, please close and reopen your session user.


This button makes it possible to open the window of the adjustments of colors system. It is still impossible to modify the colors of the taskbar and the windows.


This button makes it possible to open the window system in order to modify the sounds of the system. You have a choice in a multiplicity of sound topics.

Ecran de veille

This button opens the window system enabling you to you to modify the screensaver. However, throughout the process of modification of the screensaver, the window of personalization of the bottom of screen is inaccessible, since it waits until the window of modification of the screensaver is closed.

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