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Personnaliser le fond d'écran de votre ordinateur à votre guise


Nouveauté 2013 : En manque d'inspiration pour vos fonds d'écran? Ou vous souhaitez partager vos fonds d'écran préférés? N'hésitez plus, allez sur Share my wallpaper
Welcome to the official website's software Starter Background Changer You usually put as wallpaper poster of your favorite movie, your favorite animal, your vacation or your family or your children?
StarterBackgroundChanger is for you! This software lets you change your wallpaper on your PC and toggle multiple images.
Then install and fun to cheer on your own computer.
This software is very useful for users of Windows 7 Starter (and +) that enables you to change the wallpaper malgrès limitation of Microsoft.

Last updated , Version 0.9 Beta (2.4MB).

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This utility is completely free and will help you change your wallpaper on the same “Starter” version of Wndows 7.



For users of Asus: Our program does not work with certain Asus. Indeed, some Asus already have a program that interferes with the proper functioning of the mine. This is the Eee Docking program, automatically included in all Asus. Unfortunately, we have yet to find a solution to this problem.



BETA 0.9 (13th July 2014)

BETA 0.8.2 (23 October 2012)

BETA 0.8.1 (16 January 2011)

BETA 0.8 (6 April 2010)

BETA 0.7 (21 February 2010)

BETA 0.6.1 (25 January 2010)

  • Optimization of the loading of the miniatures.
  • Corrective measure of errors 101 and 102 on the documentation of the collection.
  • Addition of the scrollbar in the notice board of the miniatures.
  • Addition of a menu contextual on the pictures of the collection.
  • Corrective measure on graphic bugs and uses.
  • Corrective measure on the desinstallor when the version of Windows at updated summer.
BETA 0.6 (4 January 2010)
  • Rehandling of the graphical interface so that it resembles more the interface system.
  • Addition of the short cuts towards the management of the colors, the sounds and the walpaper.
  • Corrective measure on the modification of the walpaper.
BETA 0.5.1 (22 December 09):
  • Corrective measure of the detection of the updates because version 0.5 will not be put up to date automatically.
BETA 0.5 (21 December 09):
  • Corrective measure of the installeur/desinstallor.
  • Support of international Windows.
  • Addition of the translation of the program (FR, IN, ES, OF).

BETA 0.3:
  • Addition of the functionality in order to choose the style of posting of the walpaper.
  • Creation of a installor.
  • Addition of the methods of launching of personalization.

BETA 0.2:
  • Modification to withdraw the bug during the restarting of the session.
  • Modification when the basic picture of walpaper is inaccessible.

BETA 0.1:
  • Software allowing to modify the walpaper of Windows French Starter.

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